Wolff calls for radio rule review after Mercedes issues

We still don’t understand the new radio rules in F1, how can this be helpful to the sport and as we have seen over the last few races radio communication has impeded many drivers races, including rosberg and Hamilton. This is fitting as Toto Wolff has requested, as this article explains, a review of the rules. We can’t imagine that will happen very quickly, but as a spectator it was nice when we could hear the communications between driver and team.

Toto Wolff has called for a review of the radio communication rules, saying issues suffered by both Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg in the European Grand Prix robbed the chance of seeing drivers pushing on because the team couldn't advise on fixes.

In an effort to delegate more influence to the driver, teams are now given strict guidelines on what can and cannot be communicated over the radio, Mercedes falling foul in Baku after both Rosberg and Hamilton suffered with cars that had incorrect configuration settings.

Though race winner Rosberg was able to fix the issue himself relatively quickly as he cruised to a dominant fifth success of the season, Hamilton – suffering with a lack of deployment – spent a large portion of his race trying to resolve his problem, his engineer repeatedly informing him they couldn't advise him.

Scuppering the opportunity to continue his fight back up the order after starting tenth, though Hamilton demonstrated his pace when he did get up to speed, he opted to settle for position in an effort to save his engine.

Frustrated that the rule arguably ruined the chance to allow Hamilton to challenge for a podium, Mercedes F1 boss Wolff believes there should be a review to prevent drivers spending their race tweaking settings with no guidance, or else make the cars simpler.

“I think we want to see drivers racing each other,” he said. “The cars are very complicated and obviously very sophisticated technology-wise. I think we need to look at the rules. It's not that I'm complaining, on the opposite it's the same for everybody, I think the Ferrari had the same issue.

“You can do two things, you can either make the technology much less complicated, I don't think this is the right direction. Or we maybe adjust the regulation so you are able to communicate more with the driver in case of a problem. But it is how it is.”

With Wolff pointing out that Ferrari had a similar problem communicating to Kimi Raikkonen, though team principal Maurizio Arrivabene says he prefers more dialogue, he isn't pushing for change.

“Radio restrictions are for everybody so we are no different, I am not complaining for that,” he said. “The reason why they were restricting communications was to make the racing less predictable and interesting. I think it would be more interesting to hear sometimes conversations between us and the driver."


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Ask The Papa Suggestions Column: On Men Dating Ladies And The Real Cost Of Baby

So exactly what is a dating relationship(DR)? How and when do you come to realize that your relationship with your partner has ended up being seduction techniques male psychology severe enough? When a casual relation turns into a serious one, in this short article we will take an appearance for the indicators and signs.

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Cross-Country Ski Trails In Algonquin Park

You have been to every top U.S. ski resort that there is. From Colorado to Vermont, you have sampled some of the most exciting slopes, hot snow babes, and witnessed many beautiful scenes from the top of the mountain. But have you ever experienced the best that Europe has to offer in ski holidays? Although the U.S. has many popular destinations, no where else on earth can compare to what the mountains of Europe can. We have the tallest mountains and the most awesome slopes. What's more, European skiing has a history that no one can compete with.

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My household hates that situation. I place the lesson issue on everything from snow boarding to horseback riding. I consider it's the journalist in me. I go to gurus all the time for quotations and stories, and I am just relaxed knowing that I am in the presence of someone who at least pretends to know much more than me on these minor adventures.

Winter sports in Montana is relatively the best bargain for the avid skier or snow boarder. The accommodation and lift tickets are often bundled for guests so the overall advantage at staying in the resort is not only convenient, but economical. A packaged price ski lift ticket for four days can be as low as $129.

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Wireless Computer Speakers - What To For When Buying

Most televisions that are 42 inch nowadays are flat screen televisions. On the list of best ones to buy for the money is the Panasonic TXP42X10. This television will come across all of one's entertainment calls for. Since Panasonic has this particular great reputation you aren't going to be surprised that it is HD ready and has 1024x768 conclusion. This gives the television a great picture, specifically for the amount. Use this television it really your news flash. With easy installation it's easy to figure out how cord less mouse with this TV to its full vantage. If you still aren't convinced that needed to be a great television you'll need should what is following main features.

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Technician - you are limited to voice on exactly the frequencies since the novice license and may also use the VHF and UHF hytera uk. A theory exam must be passed, including part on FCC policy.

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